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Our Mission 

Co/Opera is an innovative vocal ensemble. Co/Opera strives to breathe new life into opera by bringing top-notch independent performers to the forefront and facilitating a new form of communication with the audience. 

Our goal is to present some of the most beautiful operatic masterpieces at eye level: useful context is provided throughout the performance, so as to allow anyone, regardless of their background, to fully enjoy what we believe to be some of the most beautiful music. 

At Co/Opera, we invite the audience to participate in the artistic process:

Each concert is followed by a live Q&A with the performers, and audience members are invited to submit requests for future concerts and provide feedback. 


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The Story of Co/Opera

Many young musicians go through a course of intensive music studies and countless auditions, only to find themselves in a position where they possess both the formidable talent and the finely honed skills needed to perform classical music and are simply finding the link to an audience with whom to share it all.

This leads to a loss on all fronts: not only are these young musicians going unheard, audiences are missing out on some remarkable young talent - performers who have fresh perspectives and an intense passion for their art.

Co/Opera was founded on these grounds as an innovative project, poised to break down the barriers separating eager audiences from independent opera performers. 

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